Scotsman NW308 – 160kg


  • Cube size: Half dice, dice, large
  • Condensing system: Air & water cooled
  • Max daily production: 160kg/24hr
  • Recommended storage bin: B150 (125 – 150kg storage capacity)
  • Dimensions: 560 x 610 x 609mm
  • Ice type: Dice
  • Industry: Restaurants – bars – hotels – ice selling -supermarkets -liquor stores
  • Global standard footprint: strictly follows international imperial standards commonly adopted in the industry of reference.
  • One touch cleaning: reduces labour costs while saving time and simplifies cleaning process.
  • Front evaporator access: immediate access to the evaporating plate for quick self-maintenance operations.
  • Stackable: adds flexibility! (only 30” models)
  • Condenser air filter: removable for easy maintenance.
  • Top exhaust airflow: exit of hot air from the top, no free space required on sides (only 22” NW308).
  • Head only ice maker: requires a separate storage bin to collect the ice produced*


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