Milk Urn


  • Available sizes: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30Lt
  • Insulated handles ensuring a completely portable and easy-to-transport unit.
  • Positive action, easily cleaned, non-drip draw off taps.
  • A simmerstat switch allowing for variable heat control.
  • A guarded sight glass to provide an accurate visual on the water level thereby protecting the element from burning out.
  • The unit is fitted with 1.2m of flexible cord and a three pin snapper plug.
  • MANUFACTURED ON ORDER ONLY – Please stipulate desired size.

Milk is boiled quickly in this unit specifically designed for use in catering establishments, restaurant & conference venues. The jacketed design prevents milk from burning, and furthermore the water used to heat the milk can be tapped off to provide hot water on demand. An all stainless steel AISI 304 construction ensures the unit is impervious to rust and sturdy enough to withstand repetitive use.

The economy simmer stat switch gives you variable boiling times. The switch enables you to keep your milk hot while saving on electricity. and when the water reaches boiling point the switch will cut out, cutting in again when the temperature of the water drops.

The carefully thought out design results in a hygienic, easy-to-clean and low maintenance unit. The modern look adds to the aesthetics of any surroundings.

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