Ishida Linerless UNI3 Printing Scale With Pole Display – 15Kg


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • A neat, compact, and modular scales system.
  • Easy to install and interface with other scales.
  • The teflon coated mechanisms prevent the linerless paper adhesive from adhering to parts.
  • The linerless label with zero backing paper enhances the environmentally friendly image and responsibility we
  • Linerless label will SAVE you MONEY in the long run

The linerlss UNl-3 L2 models, come with a two-line green backlite liquid crystal display, one line dot matrix alphanumeric and one line numeric only.

Integration into your current system is possible through ethernet links to your back office. Scale software installed on the back office computers make managing your product prices and printable ingredients a breeze.

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