Arcos Paring Knife – 2900 Series – 80mm


  • Length:  80mm
  • Available Colours:  Black

Small knives, light, manageable and with central tip. It is used to cut, Peel and clean all kinds of tubers, fruits and vegetables.

Designed to meet the needs of professionals in the sector. Its blade is manufactured with exclusive high performance stainless steel and NITRUM® durability. The handle used in this series is a revolutionary ergonomic handle, composed of injected polypropylene, hygienic plastic material with good shock resistance, non-slip and resistant to high temperatures (120-130ºC). The union between handle and blade is permanent thanks to the injection process with which they are joined. The color of the handle identifies the knife to differentiate the foods that are cut, thus achieving a better hygienic-sanitary control for the consumer, based on European regulations.

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