Taylor 736 Soft Serve Machine


  • No. of flavours: 1
  • Freezing cylinder capacity: 2L
  • Hopper size: 8L
  • Mix delivery system: Pump
  • Dimensions: 400 x 638 x 908mm

The Taylor 736 counter top, heat treat soft serve freezer is great for anyone looking to easily add soft serve ice cream to their food service offering. The stylish design and narrow foot print makes it ideal for back counter installation.

  • LCD controls: Viscosity is continually measured to dispense soft serve desserts. Temperatures in the hopper or freezing cylinder may be displayed at any point of operation. History of temperatures and times during the last 400 heat cycles maybe viewed from the display.
  • Electronic control: Two automatic programs; one for the production of soft ice cream or frozen yogurt, the other (patented) for the production of sorbet, frozen desserts and natural fruit-based ice cream, both with the ability to set the ideal consistency level.
  • Heat treatment system: Provides a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain dairy products for up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required.
  • Mix hopper and pump: One, 8 litre. Separate hopper refrigeration maintains the mix below 5°C during Auto and Standby modes. Simplified gear driven pump allows for easy overrun regulation, improving the ice cream texture and reducing operator parts.

Ideal for all applications including; Cafes, Kiosks, Ice Cream Parlours, Restaurants, Forecourts, Bakeries

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