Nemco Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

  • Money making piece of equipment!
  • Pay for the machine with one 50 lb. bag of colossal onions
  • Labor Saving – Who wants to cut these by hand?
  • Time Saving (once peeled, flower an onion in less than 5 seconds)

For the authentic cut that lets you serve profitable, great-tasting appetizers—for a return of 700 percent or more! The Easy Flowering Onion Cutter produces these high profit specialties fast and oh, so easy. Just one stroke turns a colossal onion into a colossal, flowering favorite. Then batter, bread and deep fry. Adapter base lets you use smaller onions as well. Sturdy, all-metal construction for long life.

Core Cutter

Remove onion core with the Core Cutter, and you create space to add a ramekin filled with delicious dipping sauce.

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