Econo Splash Back Table

Dimensions:                              (L) x (D) x (H)

  • 650 x 650 x 900mm
  • 900 x 650 x 900mm
  • 1050 x 650 x 900mm
  • 1650 x 650 x 900mm
  • 1850 x 650 x 900mm
  • 2250 x 650 x 900mm

Additional Extras:

  • galvanised undershelf
  • s/steel undershelf
  • tubular undershelf

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Our ECONO stainless steel tables are constructed of 0,9mm Stainless Steel, featuring removable MILD steel legs, fitted with vermin proof sound deadener and height adjustable heavy duty plastic feet.

We also design and supply custom stainless steel tables, tailor-made for your unique requirements.

Stainess Steel Tables

1050mm, 1650mm, 1850mm, 2250mm, 650mm, 900mm, Galvanised Undershelf, Stainless Steel Undershelf, Tubular Undershelf

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