Anvil Fish Fryer Double Pan


  • Dimensions:   573 x 470 x 288mm
  • Volume of oil:   2 x 5lt
  • Voltage:  2 x 230V
  • Specially designed tilt-up head for easy removal of oil tank to drain the oil
  • Microswitch disconnects power when element box is removed or tilted
  • Thermostatically controlled operating temperature range: 50*C – 190*C
  • Automatic safety cut-out to prevent oil flashing – manual resettable
  • Longer optimised heating element covers more surface area and prolongs oil life
  • The oil tank has slip-away handles for easy removal
  • Rugged Stainless Steel wire basket with insulated handle
  • Larger basket design promotes even cooking and better oil drainage
  • Recommended portion size 250g per 5Lt tank
  • Produced in South Africa using heavier gauged Stainless Steel
  • Available in Single or Double Pan for increased versatility
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