Arcoroc Cervoise


  • Beer 320ml – 24 / case
  • Beer 380ml – 24 / case
  • Beer 500ml – 24 / case
  • Beer 600ml – 24 / case

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The Cervoise collection of stemware is a must-have for any bistro or beer bar. The curved and elongated silhouette associated with a short leg will bring a touch of elegance to your service. Its design allows a good grip for an easy and efficient filling of each capacity: 620ml, 500ml, 380ml, 320ml. The high goblet height allows the beer to reveal the blond or copper colors of its robe and to develop the fresh hop aromas. It will become a must to serve with refinement a great fresh beer.

Glassware - Beer

320ml, 380ml, 500ml, 620ml

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