Prenox Classique Convection Oven – 10 Pan


  • Power: 380V – three phase
  • Capacity: 10 trays or grids
  • Dimensions: 960 x 960 x 805mm
  • Excludes: stand (optional extra)

Designed with rounded corners and a drainage system to facilitate easy cleaning. An optional, external, manual (hand held) spray cleaning system is available. Double-glazing in the door allows for easy, clear and safe viewing of the cooking process. Motor fan protects against overheating. Oven door cut-off switch automatically turns the motor and element off when opened. Sides holding the tray racks are removable for easy cleaning. Manual temperature controller. Convection Oven 10-Pan available in electric. Optional stainless steel oven stand with 10 grids or trays.

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